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Beautiful pictures and photos: this gallery-site shows the pictures of the SEO blog "tagSeoBlog". Author of blog and gallery is the Berlin based artist Martin Missfeldt. So far 46 images can be found here, categorized in 11 "theme-galleries". This collection contains visual experiments, test images, paintings, photos and many other. They are an image-pool for the articles of the blog. See also my site German-Stamps.org.

Aktual: Rosalind Franklin Google Doodle

Rosalind Franklin Google Doodle

More Google Doodle at the tagSeoBlog-Doodle-Channel on youTube.

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What are the pretty pictures and photos for?

Most blog-articles focuses on images-optimization and image search, e.g.:

Also most articles have some pictures to illustrate the content. These images, infographics or photos are collected in the picture-gallery:

Beautiful images and pictures

Beautifull woman, fast painted

Adobe Photoshop CS3, March 1st, 2009, using an old watercolor-picture from 1992
© 2009 Artist Martin Missfeldt / tagSeoBlog.com

All pictures of this gallery are painted by Berlin based artist Martin Missfeldt. Generally, the pictures are painted digitally by using a wacom graphic tablet on a PC with Adobe photoshop. In many cases, he uses old pictures, so oils, watercolors, gouaches, speed paintings and cartoons as background illustrations. Many pictures are artistic, so all images are protected. All rights, including the right of using, belongs to the artist.

A beautiful gallery with eye-catching and funny pics, hopefully well optimized - please enjoy and have fun...